I'm just used to being your girl.

Sarah, French, I used to have a life until I started to watch series
{ncis: la, arrow, ouat, pll, revenge, castle, grey's anatomy,.....}


I want a BNO (boys night out) at the bar with Sam, Callen, and Deeks.


That deleted scene with Felicity and Sara though was like sooooo important especially in terms of Felicity being the one to de-power Slade. Cause like it wasn’t just her doing it cause Oliver needed her to to save the city. It was also her getting revenge herself.

Like he tried to destroy the place she feels most at home, he tried to weaken that so sHE WENT AND MADE HIM WEAK TOO LIKE HELL YES FELICITY

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Maura’s Outfits in 5x09 It Takes a Village